Discover how leveraging CLV Insights and Actionable Booster Playbook empowered one of the world's top sports retail brand to Boost Sales and Customer Retention

Join Comsense Technologies and Theta for an exclusive webinar featuring a distinguished panel of experts. Discover transformative strategies and models that can elevate your business's Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), headlined by Peter Fader, Theta Co-Founder, Sagar Babar, Comsense Technologies CEO, and Abhishek Sinha, Head of CRM at adidas Emerging Markets.

19th July, 2024 Friday

PT: 10:00 AM | CT: 12:00 PM | ET: 01:00 PM


  • CLV Insights and the future of CLV modeling
  • Techniques to amplify customer value using the Actionable CLV Booster Playbook
  • A case study of a leading sportswear brand that utilized the Booster Playbook to enhance CLV, achieving a 4% increase in average order value, a 3% rise in customer reactivation, and a 14% growth in remarketing revenue
  • Proven strategies from Abhishek Sinha, Head of CRM at adidas Emerging Markets, for improving customer value

Featured Speakers


Professor Peter Fader

Co-Founder, Theta

Peter Fader is a Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a co-founder of Zodiac, a predictive analytics firm that was sold to Nike. His expertise in behavioral data-driven customer valuation has transformed the way businesses approach marketing and customer management. Author of several groundbreaking books on marketing analytics, Professor Fader’s work focuses on predictive analytics and innovative ways of understanding consumer behavior.


Sagar Babar

CEO, Comsense Technologies

Recognized as a Top 100 Digital Impact Leader, Sagar spearheads global digital transformation at Comsense, focusing on technology, sales, strategy, client management, and operations. With over a decade of experience, he excels in turning large enterprises into data-driven, customer-centric organizations. His expertise has helped major brands achieve hyper-revenue growth through innovative solutions and strategic use of customer data.


Abhishek Sinha

Head of CRM, adidas Emerging Markets, Ex IBM

Abhishek is a leading CRM expert with over 17 years of experience, having worked with brands like IBM and the Royal Bank of Scotland Business. Currently serving as a customer relationship manager, he has led adidas’s customer relationship strategies in emerging markets for over a decade.He drives significant growth through strategic data use and personalized marketing, setting a benchmark in customer-centric retail strategies with his deep analytics expertise.

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  • Watch Prof. Peter Fader challenge traditional marketing myths and emphasize true customer centricity
  • Argues that the customer isn’t always right, highlighting the value of high-value customers
  • Explains why businesses should focus on key customers for a long term growth
  • His research revolutionized marketing strategies and corporate valuation, outperforming Wall Street analysts